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August 2020 Video Paper Sessions


CIRP Video Paper Sessions - 24-28 August 2020

Recorded Video Presentations of the Papers / Keynote Papers / ITPs

We remind you that the 70th CIRP General Assembly has been postponed to next year, which means that there will be no meeting in "live", except for some closed meetings (Board, Council, Membership Committee, Communication Committee, reduced Liaison Committee).
Only recorded video presentations of the papers/keynote papers/ITPs will be posted on our CIRP Website.

  • The authors/presenters of the Papers and Keynote Papers to be published in the 2020 CIRP Annals Vol.1 & 2 are requested to upload a recorded video presentation of their paper on the CIRP Website, by August 13th the latest. The presentation will be uploaded through your Login/Profile, more information will be provided later.
  • The video presentations will be online during the week formerly scheduled for the GA, on August 24-28 August 2020, and left online up to the end of September 2020.
  • The links to the video presentations will be available from the Forum, where one topic per paper will be created, allowing questions/answers directly inside the topics. Discussions will remain opened up to the end of September too.
  • The same will apply for the ITP (Industrial Technical Papers) from Corporate members.

Instructions to Prepare the Video Presentations

Please download the following documents:

Video Recording Instructions to help you preparing your video presentation

Copyright License Agreement to print, sign and send by email to CIRP Office

Please use either the Video PowerPoint Presentation Template (new) or the usual PowerPoint Presentation Template (video to be included)

Upload your video presentation filling this form :

We remind you that your file should not exceed 100 Mo for the upload to be successful.
The video format should be .mp4 (but .avi, .mov and .mpeg are accepted).

Please write the full title of your paper below in the first field, and give the paper STC new reference in the second field ( for example in STC A:  paper A-06 ), then upload your file with the following file name format:  2020-A-06.mp4


You can invite a guest, following the usual rules for a GA: one guest per member. Guests will have to pay a participation fee of 100 € to create their own account on the website and get access to the Forum and the Video Presentations.
Please send the "Guest Request Form" to CIRP Office prior to July 20th 2020.


List of the Video Paper Sessions