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Authors' Guidelines to submit a Publication to CIRP Annals

How and When to submit a paper to CIRP Annals

Paper submission to the CIRP Annals is usually reserved to CIRP Members. However, Corporate Members, Research Affiliates, Invited Members and non-members may submit a paper if they are sponsored by a Fellow or co-authored by a Fellow or Associate member. See the Guidelines here under.

Time-Table for Publishing in Vol.1 and Vol.2 of the CIRP Annals

Time- table for the publication of a Paper (Vol.1) or a Keynote Paper (Vol.2) in the CIRP Annals

Paper Submission to the 2017 CIRP Annals, Vol.66-1

67th CIRP General Assembly in Lugano, Switzerland, 20-26 August 2017

Link to Elsevier Editorial System (EES) - Submit your revised paper by April 1st the latest
- The Abstract must be submitted under "Manuscript" by November 15th 2016 the latest (23:59-French time) - The name of the sponsor must be given, but no Certificate of Sponsorship is requested at this stage. The letter for "cooperative works" must be uploaded at this stage.
- The Full paper must be submitted under "Manuscript" (to replace the Abstract), following the CIRP template and under pdf format only, by January 20th 2017 the latest (23:59-French time) - The Certificate of Sponsorship must be sent to CIRP office by the sponsor, and letters for 6 pages must be uploaded on EES with the full paper.
- The Revised Paper must be submitted by April 1st 2017 the latest (23:59-French time). No modification in the authors' list is allowed.

Guidelines for the authors of the 2017 CIRP Annals, Vol. 1 & 2

(see at the bottom of the page for specific matters for Vol.2)

  • Tips- Advices from the CIRP Office to submit your Paper correctly
  • If you have any problem with your account on EES, they now have a very efficient "Live Help Chat service" who can solve your problem at once!
  • The Sponsor Certificate for Corporate Members, Research Affiliates and non-members is available for members in their Dashboard "Download Forms & Documents" - this Certificate should be sent by email directly by the Sponsor to the CIRP Office before January 20th.
  • The "Guest Request Form" to invite one author who is not a member should be emailed to the CIRP Office and is available for members in their Dashboard through "Download Forms & Documents"
  • Members get a special discount to buy other issues of the printed CIRP Annals (including the CD) (see in your Dashboard "CIRP Publications Discount")
  • CIRP Internal Regulations for publishing a paper: Conditions of Submissions by members and non-members (Art.21), Style of presentation of papers (including the number of pages allowed) and criteria used in assessing their suitability for publication (Appendix 6)

STC and Cross-STC Keynote papers - CIRP Annals Vol.2

  • Full procedure

  • See our Internal Regulations Art.13 (Opening and Keynote Sessions) and App.6 (Point 2.2)

    The Instructions for Authors and the paper template are the same as for the CIRP Annals Vol.1

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