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Procedure to submit a Keynote paper to a STC or Cross-STC

Procedure to submit a STC Keynote paper to a STC

Full procedure over two years for STC Keynotes

Year N-1

  • The final decision to present a Keynote Paper is taken at the Winter meetings of CIRP in the year preceding the General Assembly at which the paper is to be presented.
  • The STC Chair (or his nominee in case of being author/co-author) acts as one of 3 reviewers - 2 reviewers will be nominated by the Editorial Committee (EC).
  • The outline paper is presented to the STC at the General Assembly.
  • The author(s) proceed to complete the paper, taking the comments of the STC into account, and send the finished paper to the STC Chair and Chair of the Editorial Committee four months ahead of the winter meetings along with a justification of the contributions of the proposed authors (deadline: 1st November).

Year N

  • The Editorial Committee (EC) nominates two of its members to review each Keynote Paper in the Winter meetings.
  • The authors give a brief final update on the outline of the finished Keynote Paper (no paper presentation) at the Winter meetings (STC Reviewer and EC Reviewers present). The STC Chair gives the authors the final modifications to be done. A draft version of the PowerPoint presentation for the GA should be sent to the STC chair and EC chair at least two weeks prior to the Winter Meetings in order to support during the Liaison Committee the decision for plenary or internal presentation of the Keynote at the GA.
  • After the Winter meetings, the STC Chair takes responsibility for the review process up to final presentation at the General Assembly.
  • An electronic copy of the Keynote Paper approved by the STC Chair must be submitted on Elsevier Editorial System (EES) by March 10 deadline, for the Editorial Committee reviewers. Corrections should be given back to authors by April 10. Revised Keynote Paper must be re-submitted on EES for approval by May 1st.
  • The final version of the Keynote Paper must be submitted on EES for the EC Chair for final checking and approval by May 25.
  • On May 28 the latest, the Secretariat should give the Publisher the approval to print the Keynote Papers in Vol.2.

Procedure to submit a Cross-STC Keynote paper to the Cross-STC group

Special procedure for Cross-STC Keynote papers:

Download the full  Procedure  -  Download the Checklist to fill out

Instructions and Time-Table

For any kind of Keynote paper, you will find all instructions about the publication format and presentation in the Instructions for Authors for CIRP Annals, which are those for Vol.1 (See the Time-table for Keynote Papers publication)