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Research activities of the company:

Thermal & mechanical joining
Non-destructive inline testing
Adhesive bonding 
Coating technology
Surface analysis
Plastic application 
Finite element simulation for metal and polymer processing 
Finite elementsimulation of assemblies 
Finite elementsimulation of production chains
Material modeling for the finite element method 
Development of simulation tools 
Virtual commissioning
Data structures for the digital factory
Human-machine interfaces 
Development of CAE tools
Project and innovation management 
Future technological research
Technology monitoring 

Name(s) of the CIRP Corporate member :

 Dr. Gerd Esser, CEO,      email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STC’s of primary interest :

A / F / M / O / P / S

Research needs of the company:


Main activities of the company :

Research, development and utilization of advanced production
systems, in particular for the automotive industry and its suppliers.
Fields of competence:
Manufacturing & Automation
Coating & Bonding
Process Simulation
Digital Production Planning
Innovation Management & Technology Watch

Interest in CIRP cooperative research on


Other points of interest

Global recruiting Intern ship at factory or design section in Japan, Germany and United States