Company logo with link to the company website:


Research activities of the company:

Biomaterials (Metals, ceramics, polymers, coatings)

Biomechanical Testing

Tissue engineering

Name(s) of the CIRP Corporate member :

Dr. Joachim Schulz

Dr. Dirk Friedrich

STC’s of primary interest :

A, Dn, M, O

Research needs of the company:

Additive Manufacturing

Man-machine interface for surgical devices

Tracking technologies

Surgical mechatronical devices

Main activities of the company :

Design, Manufacturing, Sales, services and Training:

Medical Equipment for surgeons and hospitals (surgical instruments, implants, navigation systems for surgeons, tissue engineering)

Interest in CIRP cooperative research on

Substitution of materials

Coating  Technology

Other points of interest
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Resource efficiency
  • Life cycle engineering
  • Lean Organization

Substitution of materials

Coating  Technology