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Research activities of the company:

- Energy efficiency
- Reduction of production wastes
- Reduction CO2 emission
- Replacement/elimination hazardous galvanic processes
- Reduction production cycle

Name(s) of the CIRP Corporate member :

PhD Andrzej Malasiński,  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STC’s of primary interest :

A, G, P, S

Research needs of the company:

- Automated line for machining
- On-line inspection of machining
-  Modern dry-cutting of spiral bevel
-  Automated deburring

Main activities of the company :
Main activities of the company:
- Manufacture, sale,  develop aviation engine components (gear, compressor stators, main shafts, seals and others)
Interest in CIRP

Any new innovation related machine tools

Other points of interest

Support for aviation and automobile industry (design and manufacture of special gages, fixtures, dies, modular tools, assembly and test fixtures, EDM tooling)