Design for assembly - Part of the design process
H.J. Warnecke (1), R. Bässler  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.1
Keywords: Assembly, Design, Cost Evaluation
Abstract :
Contribution to the design of small parts assembly system
M. Kalajdzic (2), L. Jaciq  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.5
Keywords: Assembly Automation, Non-Rigid-Parts, Handling, Valve Assembly, Pneumatic Control, Digital Control Systems
Abstract :
Advantages of sub-batch principle in flexible automatic assembly as used in the IVF-KTH concept Mark II
A. Arnström, p. Gröndhal   / G. Sohlenius (1)
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.9
Keywords: Automatic Assembly, Cycle Time, Batch Volume Evaluation
Abstract :
Proposed scheduling methods for printed circuit board assembly
T. Freed, E.M. Dar-El, O. Maimon   / R. Weill (1)
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.13
Keywords: Scheduling, Printed Boards, Grouped Set-up, Sequence Dependent, Flow, Throughput, Work-in-Process Inventory
Abstract :
Assembly of panel fasteners using robots
J. Milberg (1), K. Riese  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.17
Keywords: Assembly Cells, Design, Panel Fasteners, Joining Forces, Compliant Systems, Availability
Abstract :
Force/torque sensing for monitoring and programming of assembly operations
L. Wennström, N. Märtensson (1)  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.21
Keywords: Assembly, Sensors, Force and Torque, Robot, Realtime Control
Abstract :
Clothoïdal interpolation - A new tool for high-speed continuous path control
H. Makino (1)  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.25
Keywords: Clothoid, Interpolation, Continuous Path Control, Robot, Trajectory Design
Abstract :
A flexible robot control system with both task-level language and visual monitoring
T. Honda (2), S.I. Kaneko, Y. Fujiie, S. Haga  
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.29
Keywords: Task-Level Robot Language, Partz-Handling, Robot Control, Visual Monitoring
Abstract :
Assembly of blocks by autonomous assembly robot with intelligence (ARI)
N. Fujita   / H. Makino (1)
STC A,  37/1/1988,  P.33
Keywords: Assembly, Robot, Intelligence, Vision and Forces Sensors
Abstract :


A method for cutting force evaluation of end mills
A. Ber (1), J. Rotberg, S. Zombach  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.37
Keywords: Machine Tools and Accessories, Machining, Tools, Milling
Abstract :
Modelling of tool stresses in peripheral milling
H. Chandrasekaran (2), A. Thuvander, H. Wisell  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.41
Keywords: Milling, Tool Stresses, FEM, Micro-Chipping, BUE, HSS
Abstract :
Sensing cutter breakage in milling
J. Tlusty (1), Y.S. Tarng  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.45
Keywords: Milling, Cutter Breakage Sensor, Cutting Force Recognition, Vibrational Signal
Abstract :
On the CAD of profiles for cutters and helical flutes - Geometrical aspects
S. Kaldor (2), D. Messinger  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.53
Keywords: Flute Cutting, Helical Flutes, Fluting
Abstract :
Effects of tool geometry on acoustic emission intensity
M. Lee, D.G. Wildes, S.R. Hayashi, B. Keramati   / B.F. Von Turkovich (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.57
Keywords: Tool Wear, Sensor, Acoustic Emission, Machining, Tool Geometry
Abstract :
Tool break detection by monitoring ultrasonic vibrations
S.R. Hayashi, C.E. Thomas, D.G. Wildes   / J. Tlusty (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.61
Keywords: Tool Break, Machining, Sensor, Vibration, Acoustic Emission
Abstract :
In-process proof testing of cutting tools in interrupted turning
K. Ueda, T. Sugita   / N. Taniguchi (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.65
Keywords: Brittle Failure, Fracture Mechanics, Proof Testing, Ceramic Tool, Interrupted Cutting, Tool Life
Abstract :
Finite element analysis of drill point geometry
U.P. Singh, P.P. Miller   / B.J. Davies (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.69
Keywords: Drill Deformation and Drill Design
Abstract :
An investigation of the cutting mechanisms of the new point drill
M.F. De Vries (1), M.K. Crosheck, H. Negishi  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.73
Keywords: Drilling, Twist Drill, Drill Geometry, Cutting Mechanisms, Chip Formation, Performance Characteristics
Abstract :
Investigation into drilling laminated printed circuit board using a torque-thrust-temperature sensor
T. Nagao, Y. Hatamura   / K. Uehara (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.79
Keywords: Torque-Thrust-Temperature Sensor, Drilling, Laminated Printed Circuit Board, Smear, Temperature Rise, Small-Diameter Drill
Abstract :
Leistungsfähige Tiefbohrwerkzeuge - Folgerungen aus der Betrachtung des Verschleissvorganges
L. Cronjäger, H. Fuss, B. Buse   / E. Doege (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.83
Keywords: BTA Deep Hole Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling Process, Wear Propagation, Improvement of the Drilling Process
Abstract :
Machining characteristics of hard materials
K. Nakayama (1), M. Arai, T. Kanda  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.89
Keywords: Hard materials, Hardened Steel, FRM, Ceramics, Tool Wear, Surface Finish, Elastic Deformation
Abstract :
Machinability of glassfiber reinforced plastics and application of ultrasonic machining
H. Takayama (1), N. Iijima  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.93
Keywords: Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics, Machinability, Cutting Force, Surface Quality, Ultrasonic Machining
Abstract :
Ceramic Tools - Material Characteristics and load types determine wear mechanisms
E. Brinksmeier, S. Bartsch   / H.K. Tönshoff (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.97
Keywords: Ceramics, Material Characteristics, Thermo Shock, Thermally Induced Wear
Abstract :
Reliability of ceramic cutting tools
J. Vigneau, p. Bordel   / R. Geslot (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.101
Keywords: Ceramics Tools, Turning, INCONEL 718, Failure, Reliability, Probability
Abstract :
High speed machining : tool performance and surface finish in steel turning
R. Ippolito (1), S. Tornincasa, R. Levi (1)  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.105
Keywords: Steel Turning, Surface Finish, Ceramic Tools, Tool Performances, Cutting Power
Abstract :
Optimal selection of machining data in gear hobbing regarding the tool mechanical stresses occuring during the cutting process
K.D. Bouzakis (2), A. Antoniadis  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.109
Keywords: Gear Hobbing, Carbide Tools, Cracks, Cutting Forces, Too Mechanical Stress
Abstract :
Effect of material properties on ultra precise cutting processes
Y. Furukawa (2), N. Moronuki  
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.113
Keywords: Cutting, Ultra Precision, Machine Tool, Polycrystal, Single Crystal, Amorphous, Grain Boudary
Abstract :
Mechanism of micro chip formation in diamond turning of Al-Mg alloy
T. Nishiguchi, Y. Maeda, M. Masuda, M. Sawa, R. Ito   / K. Uehara (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.117
Keywords: Diamond Turning, Diamond Tool, Al-Mg Alloy, Surface Roughness, Burr, Burnishing
Abstract :
The tool restricted contact effect as a major influencing factor in chip breaking : an experimental analysis
I.S. Jawahir   / P.L.B. Oxley (1)
STC C,  37/1/1988,  P.121
Keywords: Chip Breaking, Chip Curl, Formers, Restricted Contact Tools, Chip Flow, Chip Streaming, Chip Deformation, Chip Fracture
Abstract :

 STC Dn 

A study on the object oriented product model - representation of geometry and dimension
S. Imamura, T. Nojima, H. Sekiguchi, K. Inoue (2)  
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.127
Keywords: Product Model, Object Oriented Approach, Geometric Representation, CAD/CAM
Abstract :
DEMOS - an advanced design and modelling system
W. Eversheim (1), G. Buchholz, p. Ottenbruch  
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.131
Keywords: CAD, Design, Modelling, Tehnological Information, Design Logic, Workpiece Structure, Top-Down-Design
Abstract :
Development of a CAD-system based on part engineering model and binary coding matrix
J. Peklenik (1), G. Hlebanja  
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.135
Keywords: Binary Coding Matrix, Engineering Model of a Mechanical Part, Model Transformation, Computer-Aided Classification of Parts, Integration CAD/CAPP/CAM
Abstract :
Robot motion simulation and planning based on solid modeling
M.C. Leu   / K.K. Wang (1)
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.141
Keywords: Robot, Simulation, Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Solid Modeling, Motion Planning, Sweeping, Swept Volume
Abstract :
Computer aided group fixture design
W. Jiang, Z. Wang, Y. Cai   / K.K. Wang (1)
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.145
Abstract :
CAD-directed inspection, error analysis, and manufacturing process compensation using tricubic solid databases
N. Duffie (2), S. Feng, J. Kann  
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.149
Keywords: Solid Modeling, Inspection, Geometric Error, Error Compensation, Surface Grinding, Shape Accuracy, Shape Error Analysis, Mold and Die Production, Solid Cells, CAD/CAM
Abstract :
Manufacturing oriented and functional design
J. Peters (1), D. Van Campenhout  
STC Dn,  37/1/1988,  P.153
Keywords: Design, CAD-CAM
Abstract :


Investigation of surfaces microgeometry in laser cutting
C. Bedrin (2), S.F. Yuan, M. Querry  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.157
Keywords: Laser Machining, Metal Sheets Cutting, Surfaces Microgeometry, Roughness
Abstract :
Investigation of laser grooving for composite materials
G. Chryssolouris (2), P. Sheng, W.C. Choi  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.161
Keywords: Laser Machining, Laser Cutting, Composites Machining, Laser Grooving Model
Abstract :
Progress in physical vapour deposited wear resisting coatings on tools and components
H. Freller, K.G. Günther (1), H. Hässler  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.165
Keywords: Wear Resistant Coating, Deposition Process, Graded Coating, Hot Hardness, Friction Coefficient, Coating Morphology, Porosity
Abstract :
Computer simulation of profile changes of hemisperical diamond styli during ion beam machining
I. Miyamoto, S.T. Davies   / D.J. Whitehouse (1)
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.171
Keywords: Ion Beam Machining, Diamond Stylus, Computer Simulation, Profile, Facet, Hemi-Spherical Object
Abstract :
EDM machining of sintered carbide compacting dies
G.N. Levy, R. Wertheim (1)  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.175
Keywords: Wire EDM, Compacting Dies, Sintered Carbides
Abstract :
Mirror surface EDM by electric field partially induced
Y.F. Luo, Z.Y. Zhang, C.Y. Yu   / Y.Z. Zhang (1)
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.179
Keywords: Surface Roughness, Polishing, Discharge Duration, Discharge Current, Induced Electric Field
Abstract :
Some aspects of ECM performance and control
K.P. Rajurkar, C.L. Schnacker   / R.P. Lindsay (1)
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.183
Keywords: ECM, Equilibrium Gap, Grain Size, Wavelength Decomposition, Control
Abstract :
A fundamental study on a horizontal EDM
M. Kunieda, T. Masuzawa (2)  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.187
Keywords: EDM Sinking, Horizontal EDM, Vertical EDM, Rotary HEDM, Flushing, Bubble, Contamination, Eroded Particles, Working Gap
Abstract :
Geometrical simulation of the EDM die sinking process
C. Tricarico, R. Delpretti, D.F. Dauw (2)  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.191
Keywords: EDM, Die-Sinking, Simulation, Gap Width, Tool Wear, Removal Rate, Accuracy
Abstract :
Knowledge-based system for wire EDM
R. Snoeys (1), W. Dekeyser, C. Tricarico  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.197
Abstract :
A generalized post-processor and process-planner for five-axes wire EDM-machines
J.P. Kruth, R. Snoeys (1), B. Lauwers, M. Juwet  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.203
Keywords: EDM Processing, Numerical Control, Post Processor, Technological Machining Conditions
Abstract :
Physical and technological control of arc dimensional machining
G. Meshcheriakov (1), V. Nosulenko, N. Meshcheriakov, V. Bokov  
STC E,  37/1/1988,  P.209
Keywords: Arc Dimensional Machining, Pulse Formation, Technological Liquid, Material Removal Rate, Electrode Wear, Controlling of Electrodischarge Machining
Abstract :


Flow curves for C45 steel at abrupt changes in the strain path
W.H. Sillekens, J.H. Dautzenberg (2), J.A.G. Kals (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.213
Keywords: Flow Curves, Non-Straight Strain Path, Deformation Mode Change, Compression-Tension Test, Bauschinger Effect, Tension-Torsion Test, C45 Steel
Abstract :
Analysis of the ring test method for the evaluation of frictional stresses in bulk metal forming processes
J. Danckert   / T. Wanheim (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.217
Keywords: Ring Test Method, Ring Test Calibration Curves, Friction, Strain Hardening, Surface Pressure
Abstract :
The method for 3-D strain and strain rate analyses in visioplasticity
F. Yoshida, T. Wanheim (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.221
Keywords: 3-D Visioplasticity, Strain, Strain Rate, Forming Load, Visioplastic Energy Method
Abstract :
Investigation of metal flow in non-isothermal forging using ring and spike tests
Y.T. Im, O. Vardan, G. Shen, T. Altan (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.225
Keywords: Forging Simulation, Ring Test, Temperatures in Forging
Abstract :
Metal flow control in cold simultaneous forward-back-ward extrusion
H.H. Lin, K. Kawakami, H. Kudo (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.231
Keywords: Simultaneoux Forward-Backward Extrusion, Cold Extrusion, Can Extrusion, Upper Bound Approach, Experiment, Aluminum, Metal Flow Control
Abstract :
The coinin process : analytical simulations evaluated
W.A.M. Brekelmans, L.H.G. Mulders, J.A.H. Ramaekers   / J.A.G. Kals (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.235
Keywords: Forming, Coining, Finite Element Method, Upperbound Theorem
Abstract :
Application of AI technique to process planning of cold forging
K. Osakada (2), T. Kado, G. Yang  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.239
Keywords: Process Planning, Cold Forging, AI, Expert System, Product Model, Solid Model, Preform, Geometrical Rule, Testing Rule
Abstract :
Computer aided cold forging process design : a knowledge-based system approach for forming sequence generation
P. Bariani (2), W.A. Knight (2)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.243
Keywords: CAD, CAPP, Expert System, Cold Forging, Forging Sequence
Abstract :
Computer-aided drawing of profiles from round and square bar
M. Brücker, D. Keller, J. Reissner (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.247
Keywords: Cold Drawing, Expert System, Tool Dsign, Drawing Stages, Deformation Model, Tool Loading, Stream-Tube Model, Tool Conics, Collision Considerations
Abstract :
Computer aided simulation of unsteady metal flow in non-axisymmetric extrusion
M. Kiuchi (2), M. Hoshino  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.251
Keywords: Computer Aided Simulation, Upper Bound Method, Three-Dimensional Unstesdy Flow, Shape Extrusion, Eccentric Backward Extrusion
Abstract :
Kinematic and thermal analysis of hot piercing rolling of seamless tubes
J.C. Gelin, E. Doremus, M. Legrand, p. Hrycaj, J. Oudin   / A. Moisan (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.255
Keywords: Roll-Piercing, Seamless Tubes, Sliding Velocity, Plastic Flow, Thermo-viscoplastic Model, Strain Rate, Adiabatic Temperature Increment
Abstract :
Manufacturing of high TC superconducting ceramic wires by hot extrusion
S.K. Samanta (2), I.W. Chen, X. Wu, T.Y. Tien  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.259
Keywords: Superconductor Material, High TC, Wires, Hot Extrusion
Abstract :
Production of a precision tube for photosensitive drum by DI process
M. Murakawa, N. Koga, K. Ohkawa   / H. Kudo (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.263
Keywords: Drawing, Ironing, Photosensitive Drum, Aluminum Tube, Stripping, Roundness
Abstract :
On the roughening of a free surface during sheet metal forming
T. Klimczak, J.H. Dautzenberg (2), J.A.G. Kals (1)  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.267
Keywords: Surface Roughness, Roughness Parameters, Tensile Test, Stretch Test, Bulge Test, Roughness Anisotropy
Abstract :
Verbesserung der Verfahrensgrenzen beim Kragenziehen durch überlagern von Druckspennungen
D. Schmoeckel (1), S. Schlagau  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.271
Keywords: Hole Flanging, Expansion Ratio, Additional Compressive Stress, Flat Counter Block, Conical Punch, Experimental Tests
Abstract :
High-drawing ratio (b = 6) single-stroke deep-drawing of Tinplate and streel- and aluminium sheet materials
C.M. Brakman, B.A. De Bruin, C.G. Borsboom   / C.A. Van Luttervelt (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.275
Keywords: Deep-Drawing, High-Drawing Ratio, Plastic Deformation Potential, Maslennikov-Type Process
Abstract :
Modellbildung und Simulation des U-Gezenk- und des Schwenkbiegens
E. Von Finckenstein (1), J. Fait, R. Rothstein  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.281
Keywords: Die Bending and Folding, Calculation of the Processes, Computer-Programs DIBESI and FOPSIM, Results of the Process Simulations, Analyses of Both Bening Operations
Abstract :
A new tube bending method - Application of "ben-rolling process"
Y. Tozawa (1), T. Ishikawa  
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.285
Keywords: Tube Bending, Bening Method, Bend-Rolling Process, Shape of Bend Tube, Bending Force
Abstract :
The Bauschinger effect of sheet metal under cyclic reverse pure bending
K.J. Weimann, A.H. Rosenberger, L.R. Sanchez   / B.F. Von Turkovich (1)
STC F,  37/1/1988,  P.289
Keywords: Sheet Metal Bening, Bening Sequence, Bauschinger Effect Determination
Abstract :


Study on the grinding condition to prevent the thermal displacement of a work attracted by magnetic chuck
S. Okuyama, T. Nishihara, S. Kawamura   / N. Ikawa (1)
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.295
Keywords: Surface Grinding, Thermal Deformation, Ground Surface Flatness, Magnetic Chuck, Necessary Constraining Force, Grinding Conditions
Abstract :
Speed-stroke grinding of advance ceramics
I. Inasaki (2)  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.299
Keywords: Grinding, Advanced Ceramics, Speed-Strocke Grinding, Grinding Force, Surface Roughness, Grinding Ratio, Cracks
Abstract :
Continuous dressing-dressing conditions determine material removal rates and workpiece quality
W. König, A. Von Arciszewski  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.303
Keywords: Continuous Dressing, Grinding Wheel Selection, Staged CD Grinding Process, Difficult-to-Machine Materials, High Materiel Removal Rates
Abstract :
Thermally induced grinding damage in superalloy materials
J.A. Kovach, S. Malkin (1)  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.309
Keywords: Surfae Grinding, Residual Stress, Superalloy, Grinding Damage, Finite Element Modeling, Constitutional Liquation
Abstract :
Slot grinding of steels and ceramics with superabrasive wheels
T. Matsuo (2), Y. Ohbuchi  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.315
Keywords: Slot Grinding, CNB Cut-Off Wheel, Diamond Cut-Off Wheel, Steels and Alumina, Grinding Force, Stress Distribution, Grinding Temperature, Chipping
Abstract :
Development of a new turning center for grinding ceramic materials
T. Nakagawa (1), K. Suzuki, T. Uematsu, M. Kimura  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.319
Keywords: Turning Center, Grinding Center, Grinding of Ceramic Material, Cast Iron Fiber Bond Diamond Wheel, Cam Grinding, Ultrasonic Grinding Attachment, On-Machine ED Trueing/Dressing, Efficient Grinding
Abstract :
Heavy duty centerless grinding for multi-diameter shafts
S. Takasu, M. Masuda   / K. Okamura (1)
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.323
Keywords: Centerless Grinding, Heavy-Duty Grinding, Multi-Diameter Shaft, Stability Analysis
Abstract :
Avoiudance of thermal damage in grinding and prediction of the damage threshold
W.B. Rowe (1), J.A. Pettit, A. Boyle, J.L. Moruzzi  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.327
Keywords: Grinding, Critical Specific Energy, Thermal Damage, Energy Partitioning Factor, Critical Temperature, Heat Flux
Abstract :
Friction sawing
M.C. Shaw (1)  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.331
Keywords: Sawing, Cut-Off, Friction Sawing, Melting, Processing
Abstract :
New evidence on the contact zone in grinding - contact length, sliding and cutting regions
D.Y. Gu, J.G. Wager (1)  
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.335
Keywords: Grinding Process, Contact Length Measurement, Thermocouple Sensor Method, Speed
Abstract :
Improved honing through process-control
H. Weule   / W. Eversheim (1)
STC G,  37/1/1988,  P.339
Keywords: Honing Process, Process-Control, Honing Stone, Contact Pressure, Contact Force Measurement, Cutting Force Measurement, Non-Circular Geometry, Highly Dynamic Fee Mechanism
Abstract :


A study on the dynamic modelling of structures with bolted and bearing joints
J.M. Lee (2)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.343
Keywords: Joint, Bolt, Bearing, Dynamic Modelling, Condensation, Sensitivity Analysis, Modal Testing
Abstract :
Practical application of the Volterra series : modal analysis of higher ordre
A. Frachebourg, F. Kuster   / P.E. Gygax (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.347
Keywords: Simulation, Linearisation, Voltera Series, Modal Analysis
Abstract :
Effects of bolt pocket configuration on joint stiffness and interface pressure distribution
Y. Ito, S. Itoh, S. Endo   / K. Ikawa (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.351
Keywords: Machine Tool Joint, Bolt Pocket, Joint Stiffness, Interface Pressure Distribution, Ultrasonic Waves Method
Abstract :
A receptance technique for the modelling of the vibration characteristics of any beam-type structure
I.M. Howard, B.J. Stone (1)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.355
Keywords: Structure Analysis, Vibration Characteristics, Frequency Responses, Beam Type Structure, Deflection Prediction
Abstract :
On synchronous motion accuracy and torsional rigidity in a threading machine
H. Yagishita, Y. Sakai   / H. Takeyama (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.361
Keywords: Synchronous Motion Accuracy, Thread Cutting, Synchronous Error, Torsional Rigidity, Lead Error, Threading Machine, Diagnoses
Abstract :
Manufacturing and testing of chatter free boring bars
D.G. Lee, N.P. Suh (1)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.365
Keywords: Vibration, Chatter Boring Bars, Composite Materials
Abstract :
Suppression of machine-tool chatter by state feed-back control
M. Shiraishi, E. Kume   / T. Hoshi (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.369
Keywords: Machining Chatter, Turning, Padé Approximation, State Feedback Control, Pole Assignment
Abstract :
Evaluation of advanced cementitious composite for machine tool structures
M. Rahman (2), M.A. Mansur, K.H. Chua  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.373
Keywords: Machine Tool, Ferrocement, Fibrous Ferrocement, Polymer Impregnated Ferrocement, Modal Analysis, Stability
Abstract :
Development of concrete machining center and identification of the dynamic and the thermal structural behaviour
H. Sugishita, H. Nishiyama, O. Nagayasu, T. Shin-Nou, H. Sato (1), M. O-Hori  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.377
Keywords: Machining Center, Concrete Bed, Concrete Column, Static Stiffness, Dynamic Stiffness, Thermal Deformation, Heat Pipe
Abstract :
Comparison of machine tool elments made of polymer concrete and cast iron
E. Saljé (1), H. Gerloff, J. Meyer  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.381
Keywords: Polymer Concrete, Polymer Concrete-Cast Iron-Composites, Stiffness, Damping, Thermal Deformations
Abstract :
High performances machine-tool computer control
P. Boucher, p. Boujon, T. Buchet   / P.J. Duchaine (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.385
Keywords: Machine-Tools, Cutting, Laser, Computer Numerical Control, Feed-Drives, Accuracy Performances, Interpolation Algorithms, Hierarchical Multi-Processor Computer
Abstract :
Application of ASIC-technology to mechatronics control : development of the flexible servo peripheral chip
F. De Schepper, K. Yamazaki, M. Imai, J. Satou   / T. Hoshi (1)
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.389
Keywords: Servomotor, Control, ASIC, Gate Array, Standard Cell, Full-Custom IC, Semi-Custom IC, Microprocessor, Software Servo, Mechatronics
Abstract :
Thermal deformation and its on-line compensation of hydrostatically supported precision on spindle
T. Moriwaki (2)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.393
Keywords: Hydrostatically Supported Precision Spindle, Unsteady State Thermal Deformation, Feed-Forward Compensation, Computer Simulation, Piezoelectric Actuator
Abstract :
Description of the forced convection along the walls of machine tool structures
J. Jedrzejewski, J. Kaczmarek (1)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.397
Keywords: Machine Tools, Forced Convection, Alphacalorimeter, Temperature
Abstract :
Thermal behaviour optimization of machine tools
G. Spur (1), E. Hoffmann, Z. Paluncic, K. Benzinger, H. Nymoen  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.401
Keywords: Thermal Behaviour, Displacement, Design, Compensation, Heat Transfer, Ceramic Spindle, Fibre Reinforced Spindle, Radiant Heating System, Determination of Displacement, Resistance Thermometers
Abstract :
A free ranging A.G.V. for an FMC
I. Alter, E. Lenz (1)  
STC M,  37/1/1988,  P.407
Keywords: AGV, FMS, FMC, CMSR, Collision Avoidance, Ultrasonic Sensor, FM Hierarchical Computer Control
Abstract :


Cost Analysis of FMS throughput
N. Alberti (1), S. Noto La Diega, A. Passannanti, U. La Commare  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.413
Keywords: Manufacturing Cost, FMS, Performance Evaluation
Abstract :
Extended applications of simulation in manufacturing systems
L. Alting (1), A. Bilberg, N.E. Larsen  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.417
Keywords: Simulation, PC-Simulator, FMS Control, Generative Process Planning, Simulation Integration, Emulators
Abstract :
Productivity improvement in jov shop production
R.H.A. Seidel, G. Arndt (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.421
Keywords: Job Shop Production, Productivity Improvement, Systems Engineering, Optimisation
Abstract :
Computer aided group technology integrated system
B. Mutel   / A. Clément (1)
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.425
Keywords: Group Yechnology, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Cells
Abstract :
Integration of flexible manufacturing systems into production planning and control of small to medium size companies
W. Eversheim (1), H.J. Schmitz-Mertens  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.429
Keywords: Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Integration, Production Control, Small Series Production, Capacity Planning, Scheduling
Abstract :
An integrated approach to group technology part family data base design based on artificial intelligence techniques
I. Ham (1), E.V. Goncalves, C.P. Han  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.433
Abstract :
A knowledge-based production control system to accomodate unscheduled disruptions in the manufacturing process
K. Iwata (1), N. Sugimura  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.439
Keywords: Production Control System, Rescheuling, Counterplans, Unscheduled Disruptions, Hierarchical Knowledge Representation
Abstract :
FIXES, a system for automatic selection of set-ups and design of fixtures
J.R. Boerma, H.J.J. Kals (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.443
Keywords: Jigs and Fixtures, Set-Up, Clamping, Design, Process Planning, CAPP, CAM
Abstract :
The optimal locus methodology in process control
Y. Koren (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.447
Keywords: Optimization, Process Control, Optimal Locus, Grinding
Abstract :
A new method of the part description for automated process planning system, a bridge between CAD and CAM
G. Guo, F. Le Maître (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.451
Keywords: Geometrical Part Description, Basic Geometrical Elements Definition, Link from Drawing to Machining Sequence
Abstract :
The importance of the interfaces between CAD, CAM and CNC for the tehnology
A. Rüegg   / H.J. Renker (1)
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.455
Keywords: CAD, CAP, CAM, CNC, Extendet Data Format for NC
Abstract :
Development of automated flexible manufacturing system for medium variation and medium volume production
H. Hirai, Y. Hirano, N. Sahara, K. Eishima, T. Ito, T. Sata (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.461
Abstract :
The throughput diagram - A universal model for the illustration, control and supervision of logistic processes
H.P. Wiendahl   / H.K. Tönshoff (1)
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.465
Keywords: Logistic Targets, Lead Time, Utilization, Work in Process, Duetime-Performance, Funnel Model, Throughput Diagram, Monitoring, Shop Floor Control
Abstract :
An Adaptive control method for machining processes and a digital observer for tool wear detection
M.Y. Liu, H.H. Yang (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.469
Keywords: Adaptive Machining, Quality Control, Computer Control, Tool Wear Observer
Abstract :
On the FA architecture based on MAP and the automatic process scheduling as an application of information management functions in cell controller
B.J. Lee, Y. Ono   / H. Yoshikawa (1)
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.473
Keywords: FA, FMS, CIM, LAN, MAP, CNC, PERT, PLC, AI, Cell Controller
Abstract :
An investigation on voice input system for CNC Machine tools
C.G. Xu, J.Y. Zhu (1)  
STC O,  37/1/1988,  P.477
Keywords: Computer Numerical Control of Machine Tool, Speech Recognition, Automatic Programming
Abstract :

 STC P(Q) 

A new silhouette-related algorithm for improving vision-aided robot applications
W.E. Friedrich   / G. Arndt (1)
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.481
Keywords: Robot Vision, Chain Codes, Silhouette Approximation
Abstract :
Intégration du contrôle dimensionnel dans un système flexible de production
M. Véron (1), J. Richard, G. Ris, V. Charton  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.485
Abstract :
Automation of scraping works by a robot equipped with a CCD line sensor and a contact detector
Y. Takeuchi, M. Sakamoto   / T. Sata (1)
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.489
Keywords: Bearing Recognition, CCD Line Sensor, Scraping Works, Scraping Robot, Contact Detector, Elastic Grinding Wheel
Abstract :
Vektorielle Tolerierung zur Qualitätssteuerung in der mechanischen Fertigung
A. Wirtz (1)  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.493
Keywords: Coordinate Measuring Technique, Vectorial Tolerancing, Computerconform Data Format, CAD-CAM-CAQ Link
Abstract :
Performance assessment in ultraprecision micro-machining
M. Weck (1), R. Hartel, K. Modemann  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.499
Keywords: Ultraprecision Machines, Diamond Turning, Dynamic Machine Tool Behaviour, Surface Modulations, Interferometric Surface Measurements
Abstract :
A study of optimal - criteria identification based on the small - displacement screw model
P. Bourdet (2), A. Clément (1)  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.503
Abstract :
Modelling of a coordinate measuring machine for analysis of its dynamic behaviour
J.F.C. De Nijs, M.G.M. Lammers, P.H.J. Schellekens (2), A.C.H. Van Der Wolf (1)  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.507
Keywords: Coordinate Measuring Machine, Dynamic Behaviour, Lagrange Energy Method, Guyan Reduction, Response to Dynamic Excitations, Natural Frequencies
Abstract :
Accuracy of length measurement and positioning : statical measurement and contouring mode
W. Knapp   / A. Wirtz (1)
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.511
Keywords: Machine Tool, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Acceptance Test, Positioning Accuracy, Laser Interferometer, Circular Test
Abstract :
A displacement method for machine geometry calibration
G. Zhang (1), R. Ouyang, B. Lu, R. Hocken (1)  
STC P(Q),  37/1/1988,  P.515
Abstract :


Sub-nanometer surface texture and profile measurement with 'Nanosurf 2'
K. Lindsey, S.T. Smith, C.J. Robbie   / P.A. McKeown (1)
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.519
Keywords: Sub-Nanometre Surface Measurement, Low Environmental Susceptibility, Large Dynamic Range, Ultra Precision Slide
Abstract :
Laser beam as a straight datum and its application to straightness measurement at Nanometer level
N. Ikawa (1), S. Shimada, H. Morooka  
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.523
Keywords: Straight Datum, Laser Beam Datum, Straightness Measurement, Flatness Measurement, Nanometer Resolution
Abstract :
Why are X-ray measurements of residual stresses different from mechanical residual stress measurements ?
W. Serruys, p. Van Houtte, E. Aernoudt   / J. Peters (1)
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.527
Keywords: Residual Stress, X-ray Method, Deflection Method, Elastic Model, Surface Effect, Texture
Abstract :
Residual stress distribution and structural phenomena of high-strength steel surfaces due to EDM and ball-drop forming
A.G. Mamalis (1), G.C. Vosniakov, N.M. Vaxevanidi, J.Z. Xiong  
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.531
Keywords: Surface Integrity, Surface Roughness, Surface Topography, Surface Damage, Plastic Deformation Zone, Residual Stresses, Microhardness, Thermal Phenomena, Mechanical Plastic Phenomena, EDM, Ball-Drop Forming, Microstructural Defects, Cracking
Abstract :
Newly developed full automatic polishing machines for obtainable super-smooth surfaces of compound semi-conductor wafers
T. Kasai, A. Kobayashi (1)  
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.537
Keywords: Mechanical and Chemical Polishing, Compound Semi-Conductor, Polishing Mechanism, Polishing Machine, GaAs Wafer
Abstract :
Workpiece burn and its prediction in creep feed grinding - Experimental research of the temperature variance process in contact zone
X.F. Pu, H.J. Xu, X.F. Hu, Y.Z. Zhang (1)  
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.541
Keywords: Creep Feed Grinding, Grinding Burn, Film Boiling, Grinding Temperature, Burn Prediction, Burn Criteria
Abstract :
Laser welding of stainless steel : influence of the edges morphology
L. Covelli, I. DE Iorio, V. Tagliaferri   / F. Jovane (1)
STC S,  37/1/1988,  P.545
Keywords: Laser Welding, Edges Morphology, Mechanical Tests, Fusion Efficiency
Abstract :