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Letter of the President

  Professor Yusuf Altintas, CIRP President 2016-2017

Dear visitor,

CIRP was founded in 1951 with the aim to address scientifically, through international co-operation, issues related to modern production science and technology. The International Academy for Production Engineering takes its abbreviated name from the French acronym of College International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP) and includes some 600 members from 50 countries. The number of members is intentionally kept limited, so as to facilitate informal scientific information exchange and personal contacts.

CIRP has some 180 Fellows and Honorary Fellows who are internationally recognized scientists elected to be CIRP members for life. Due to the limited number of CIRP Fellows, the election of a Fellow is a lengthy, rigorous process ensuring the highest possible academic standards.

CIRP includes some 150 Associate members well known scientists, with high potential, elected typically for a period of three years with the possibility of renewal. A number of Associate members eventually become Fellows. Some Associate members may also belong to fields related to Manufacturing.

CIRP, although an academic organization, encourages the participation of industry in its activities. There are some 150 Corporate members who follow the research work of the academic members of CIRP, and very often contribute to the information exchange within CIRP by presenting their views on industrial needs and perspectives.
Young Research Affiliates and some Invited members, particularly from countries not yet involved in CIRP, are also included in the CIRP community.

In a recent development, there is work under way to establish a CIRP Network of young scientists active in manufacturing research.

CIRP aims in general at

  • Promoting scientific research, related to :
    • manufacturing processes;
    • production equipment and automation;
    • manufacturing systems;
    • product design and manufacturing.
  • Promoting cooperative research among the members of the Academy
  • Creating opportunities for informal contacts among CIRP members at large
  • Promoting the industrial application of the fundamental research work
  • Receiving feed back from industry, related to industrial needs and their evolution
  • Publishing papers, reports, annals and other technical information, organizing and sponsoring international conferences

CIRP is organized along the lines of a number of Scientific Technical Committees (STCs) and Working Groups (WGs), covering many areas. CIRP organizes annually a General Assembly and the so called Winter Meetings. In the General Assembly (GA), which lasts for a week, there is an intensive technical program with over 140 technical paper presentations from different fields of manufacturing, a number of keynote papers, at the opening of the conference, as well as technical work within the STCs.

In parallel, there is a social program, aiming at making the culture of the General Assembly site known to the members and also at creating an informal environment for information exchange among the members. The Winter meetings are always organized in Paris, and last three days. Moreover CIRP organizes, through its membership, a number of conferences, notably the Manufacturing Systems Seminar and a number of other conferences with relevant topics. CIRP members also organize a variety of conferences, under the sponsorship of CIRP.

The main publications of CIRP are the CIRP Annals under ISI standards with two volumes; Volume I, with refereed papers presented in the GA by Fellows, Associate, Corporate and Invited members and Volume II with refereed keynote papers. Then there is the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, with four volumes. There are also proceedings of CIRP conferences available online on Procedia-CIRP, tri-lingual dictionaries of production engineering and their Encyclopedia of Production Engineering, etc. A Newsletter is published twice a year. Currently the CIRP Annals and the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology are published by Elsevier, while Springer Verlag publishes the Dictionaries of Production Engineering and the Encyclopedia of Production Engineering.  

The CIRP organization includes besides the President, who is elected annually, the Council and a number of other committees ensuring a continuous improvement and reflecting the changing needs of manufacturing science and technology.

CIRP has its headquarters in Paris, staffed by permanent personnel and welcomes potential corporate members and interested parties in CIRP publication and activities in general.
It is a great honor for me to serve as CIRP President for the period September 2016 - August 2017.

Professor Yusuf Altintas (Canada)
President of CIRP

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