IR - Art.22 - Invited Members

Article 22 - Invited Members

The class of 'Invited Members' exists for the purpose of establishing communication with individuals from manufacturing research communities in industrial countries not currently represented in CIRP as Fellows (including Honorary or Emeritus) or Associate Members. 

The primary function of an 'Invited Member' is to provide communication between CIRP and the manufacturing research community in the country of the Member. 'Invited members' are to inform CIRP about the current status of manufacturing and manufacturing research in their country. They are to make CIRP and the goals of CIRP known to the appropriate institutions and organizations in their country. They are to explore the possibility that Associate and Fellows could be elected from those countries. 

Candidates for 'Invited Member' must have an appropriate scientific and/or industrial background. They must be part of, or have good relations with, an influential network related to manufacturing research and development. They must show their commitment to become an Invited Member by writing a personal letter demonstrating this commitment in addition to the nomination proposal by the sponsor.

'Invited Members' are appointed by the Council for two years. Depending on the performance of the 'Invited Member', the membership may be renewed. However, only one two-year renewal of the membership is permitted.

An 'Invited Member' cannot be elected or re-elected for a country that is already represented by a Fellow or an Associate Member of CIRP. The 'Invited Member' must reside and work in the country to be represented.

CIRP Members can propose candidates for 'Invited Membership' to the Council.

'Invited Members' will be assigned to a Fellow who will act as a mentor.

The number of 'Invited Members' is limited to five.

They have no voting rights.

They will pay no CIRP membership fee but are entitled to receive the Annals.