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IR - Art. 9 - Corporate Members

Article 9 - Corporate Members

Corporate members are companies or non-university based research institutions that support the aims of CIRP and maintain an interest in the organization’s activities also giving scientific and technical contributions.

Corporate Members may take part in, or send a representative to the CIRP Winter Meetings and to the CIRP General Assemblies, except for activities reserved for Fellows only (including Honorary and Emeritus). Corporate Members have no voting rights, except on financial matters and on the location of future General Assemblies.

Among their STCs of interest, they should indicate a “primary STC of interest”, as they will be coached by that STC Vice-Chairperson, particularly the new incomers.

Corporate Members shall pay a yearly fee in an amount fixed by the Academy at a General Assembly meeting. Corporate members will be provided with a copy of the Annals and get access to the Directory online of CIRP Members, as well as to information available only for Members on the CIRP Website.

Duration: there is no limit in duration for Corporate membership. Membership is automatically renewed each year, and Corporate Members who wish to resign should inform the CIRP Office before the end of the current year for the following year.