IR - Art.13 - Rules to host a General Assembly

Rules to host a General Assembly

Members of a country acting jointly who wish to host General Assemblies should make their initial invitations at the General Assembly five years prior to the year that they desire to hold the General Assembly in their country. The majority of the Members of the country must support the invitation.

The member nominated chairperson of the organizing committee has to register this intention with the Secretary General Treasurer no later than January 1st preceding the General Assembly.  During Part Two of the General Assembly, time will be allocated for a brief invitation to be made to the Academy by the chairperson of the organizing committee (or by a member of the committee). These presentations will be accepted as information and non-binding, no selection or elimination of these informal proposals will take place. The presentation shall be presented to the Secretary General Treasurer together with the intention to hold the General Assembly (no later than January 1st). The Secretary General shall propose changes to the presentation if any rules and guidelines for General Assemblies are not fulfilled.

Formal invitation proposals to host a General Assembly prepared in pdf format are due at CIRP Headquarters by the end of December of the year the initial informal invitations were made. The proposal must contain clear and detailed information about:
- the members of the organizing committee;
- the conference venue and its main features. In order to keep the costs as low as possible, the choice of venues different from academic facilities or similar must be justified;
- the selected hotels, their position on a map with respect to the venue, the price range and available transportation. Different hotel categories should be available in the list;
- the provisional budget and the approximate fees, which have to be kept as low as possible.
In February the Council will determine only if each formal invitation proposal contains the requested detailed information so that the proposal can be presented for a vote by electronic ballot. Proposals found to be inadequate will be returned by the end of February with a clear indication of which additional information are necessary.
The Council will not make any recommendation concerning the individual proposals; they only will decide if sufficient data are available in each proposal so that the Academy can take an informed decision. All formal nominations are finally due at CIRP Headquarters by May 1st of the fourth year prior to the desired year of hosting the General Assembly.
Four years prior to the holding of a General Assembly, the Academy will vote by electronic ballot by July 15th among the nominations submitted (also in case of only one nomination) and approved as formally adequate by the Council and the result will be announced during Part Two of the General Assembly meeting.
Detailed and updated information for the management of General Assemblies can be requested at the CIRP Headquarters.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The annual General Assembly of CIRP is the annual meeting of the Academy and is hosted at a location with the assistance of Academy members (the local organizing committee). The content and organization of the technical elements of the meeting are the exclusive privilege and responsibility of the Academy and not of the local organizing committee. The local organizing committee is not authorized to hold technical meetings, seminars, events or other activities in parallel (at competing times during the program) with the technical program of the General Assembly either under the logo of CIRP or otherwise. 

In rare individual cases there might be reasons to organise technical seminars that might partly overlap GA meetings. Such reason could be for instance if an upcoming industrialized country with only a few CIRP members organizes a CIRP GA and wishes to introduce CIRP to its academia and industry, i.e. potential future CIRP members. In such case an application including a justification and a detailed proposal has to be sent to the CIRP office at least one year in advance to the GA. In any case CIRP Council will take the final decision on the proposal. Naturally, this will always be a case-by-case decision. It is the responsibility of the local organizing committee that without involvement and explicit agreement of Council, any parallel or competing events to CIRP GAs must not take place.

Opening Session and Keynote Sessions

At the Public Opening Session of the General Assembly, it is desirable that a session be organized, by the host country, in order to introduce the activity of CIRP and to promote the use of scientific methods within industry. Besides the Presidential address, up to five keynote papers (Appendix 6.2.2) should be given on the "state of the art" in subjects within the fields of CIRP activity. The subjects for these keynote papers shall be chosen by the Liaison Committee at least two years earlier, following recommendations from the STCs taking into account developments in the subjects and the interests of the host country. The preparation schedule shall allow control over final content and format by the STC Chairmen involved in conjunction with the Editorial Committee. The authors should avoid dwelling on the technical aspects of their own research and should try to give an international perspective of the field, especially referring to the contribution of CIRP colleagues and including the achievements of cooperative work. When preparing these papers, the authors are strongly advised to seek the cooperation of Members of the Academy specializing in the subject. The relevance to industrial needs should also be emphasized.