IR - Art. 7 & 8 - Honorary Fellows and Emeritus Membership

Article 7 - Honorary Fellows

Fellows who have gained outstanding merit by their activity and devotion to CIRP may be elected for life as Honorary Fellows by the Academy at a General Assembly meeting. They shall enjoy most of the privileges and voting rights of Fellows. They shall pay no membership fees.

Article 8 - Fellows Emeritus / Emeritus Members

Fellows about to retire may, at their own request, be nominated as "Fellows Emeritus" for life. They shall be invited to the General Assembly meeting as advisers and they may take part in all Scientific Technical Committee meetings. They are free to present or sponsor a personal paper under the same conditions as a Fellow as described in Article 21.

Fellows Emeritus shall pay no membership fee. Their voting rights are limited to: financial matters, moral report, location of future General Assemblies, decisions voted inside the Scientific Groups. Votes for the STC officers are restricted to the Fellows Emeritus who have attended regularly those STC meetings; they are selected by the present STC officers.

They shall receive CIRP information on request, with the exception of the printed Annals which can only be provided upon payment of the subscription fees.

Those Associate Members about to retire, who have served CIRP with distinction may also be nominated as "Emeritus Members". They will have the same status as Fellows Emeritus.

The requests for "Fellow Emeritus" and "Emeritus Member" must reach the CIRP Office, together with a Form describing the past activities of the member in CIRP, by December 1st prior to the Winter Meetings. If a request arrives after this deadline, the member will have to pay his fees for the following year.

The Form to be filled out is available online in "Download administrative documents" in your