IR - Art.21 - General Pierre Nicolau award

Article 21 - General Pierre Nicolau Award

1. The name of the award shall be the General Pierre Nicolau Award. The award honours General Nicolau, world renowned authority in the field of production engineering, and it commemorates his contributions to the founding of CIRP.

2. The Award shall be conferred in recognition of significant and distinguished scientific and in particular industrial contributions to a specific area within the field of production engineering encompassed by the interests of CIRP as defined in Article 11 of the Internal Regulations.

3. The General Pierre Nicolau Award shall be restricted to non-CIRP members and can be conferred in very exceptional cases to a current or former CIRP member who has demonstrated world class leadership in manufacturing industry.  

4. The award shall consist of:

   - An appropriately prepared certificate, signed by the CIRP President, by the Secretary General and the Chairperson of the Nicolau Award committee.

   - A General Pierre Nicolau Medal

   - A stipend towards travel costs

5. The award shall be proposed annually by a General Nicolau Award Committee consisting of the three most recent Past Presidents not serving on the Council. The Chairperson will be the most senior Past President of the three. The committee will send a report to the CIRP Secretariat before the following Winter meeting for approval by Council.

6. The Award shall be conferred preferably annually but only if a suitable candidate has been identified by the committee and has been approved by Council. 

7. The Award shall be presented by the President of CIRP to the recipient during the Opening Ceremony of the General Assembly. The recipient is expected to give a short technical presentation based on his/her most important achievements for which the award is conferred (up to 15 minutes). 

8. The Award will not be presented posthumously except if a nominee’s death occurs after the decision of the Council.

9. In the case of a vacancy on the General Nicolau Award Committee, the CIRP President upon the advice of the Board, will appoint a Fellow, Honorary Fellow or Fellow (Emeritus) to serve on the Committee for that particular year.

10. Nominations for the Award for a given year must be received by the CIRP Headquarters by December 1st of the preceding year (see Time-Table in Appendix 13). The nominations will be valid only for the year that they have been submitted for consideration. Unsuccessful nominations may be revised, updated and resubmitted for consideration in subsequent years.

11. Any CIRP Fellow (including Honorary and Emeritus) may submit a nomination for the Award.

12. The nomination shall consist of:

  • A written (typed) proposal, not to exceed 1000 words,
  • An appropriate cover letter from the Initiator,
  • A letter of support from at least one additional Fellow (including Honorary and Emeritus) from a country other than from the country of the person(s) nominated,
  • A letter of support from at least two-thirds of the Fellows and Honorary Fellows of the country of the person(s) nominated (if applicable), and
  • The curriculum vitae of the nominee(s).

The proposal shall be well prepared and thorough, clearly justifying why the candidate is eminently worthy of the Award. The nomination shall include a clear, precise narrative appraising the accomplishments of the candidate in the area for which the candidate is being recommended for the Award.

13. Each nomination received along with the required supporting documentation will be discussed by the Nicolau Award Committee and the candidates will be ranked in order and proposed to Council for approval.