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IR - Art.15 - STCs: Elections of STC Officers

Extract from Article 15 -  STCs: Elections of STC Officers


The decision to form a new STC must be made at a General Assembly meeting, upon the recommendation of the Liaison Committee and with the approval of the Council, following a request from a group of Fellows. Its scope and terms of reference will be defined at that time.

The Chairperson of each STC shall be elected by the Academy at the General Assembly meeting upon the approval of the Council and the recommendation of the relevant STC. A Chairperson shall be appointed for a period of three years and shall not normally be eligible immediately for re-election; however, in exceptional cases, the Chairperson may be re-elected for a period of one additional year. Each committee shall elect one Vice Chair and also a Secretary. They should be Fellows or Associate Members.

Procedure for the Election of STC Secretaries:
Registrations of Candidates (before the GA)
STC secretary candidates must be a Fellow or an Associate Member.
1. During the Winter meetings of the year where elections have to be performed, the Chairperson forwards the procedure and a Call for candidates to all STC related members (with a copy to CIRP Office). "STC related members" means all the CIRP members (including Corporates) registered in the STC at CIRP Office and regularly attending the STC.
2. Proposals for candidates are sent to the Chairperson and CIRP Office before May 15.
3. In June the latest, the Chairperson broadcasts the candidates to STC related Members through email, with a short biography attached (with a copy to CIRP Office).

Elections (during the GA at the STC Meeting)
The election and related discussion are held only by STC related CIRP members.
A discussion is first held, without the attendance of any Candidate.
After the discussion, the election is held through one of the processes, A or B, according to the number of Candidates:

A. If there is only one candidate, the Candidate will be elected upon the agreement in the above discussion.
B. If there is more than one candidate, the Candidate who receives majority of the effective votes is elected. If Candidates receive the same number of votes, the Council makes the final decision.

The Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary of each STC, and its other CIRP Members must be conscious that their work in the Committee is fundamental to the life of CIRP. Each candidate's acceptance of his/her election as a Member implies a willingness to take initiatives and to participate actively in the work of at least one STC and be an observer in others.

Each STC may organize its activities in the way it considers to be the most efficient. It may organize working groups on the basis of common interests in a particular subject.

Attendants of the meetings are not allowed to take photographs of the presentations’ screens during the meetings.