Professor Edwin J. A. Armarego

March 1935 in Egypt - 21 May 2003 - Australia

Affiliation to CIRP

1980 Active member


Contributed extensively to STC-C and STC-M


Eddie Armarego obtained a Bachelor degree in engineering from the University of London. In 1950 he moved to Australia where he received a Master’s and a PhD degree from the University of Melbourne. He was appointed to the academic staff in Mechanical Engineering of the same university in the late 1950s where he rose to professorial level.
His prime research interest was in the machining of metals, and in 1969 he co-authored a book of that title, which was translated into Chinese and Russian and provided a basic education course in many countries for several decades. Eddie demonstrated particular skills in spatial geometry and his analyses of chip flow in a wide variety of complex tool shapes have not been matched.
Above and beyond these contributions to machining, Eddie had a major influence on many research students from all over the world, who worked with him and will carry his knowledge into new areas.