Professor Wilfried König

19 October 1928 - 27 June 2001 - Germany

Affiliation to CIRP

1967 Active Member
1976 to 1978 Chairman of STC C
1980 to 1982 Council Member
1990 to 1991 President of CIRP
1997 Honorary Member of CIRP


Chairman of STC-C. Contributed to STC-C, STC-E and STC-G. Council member, organized many CIRP seminars and conferences.



Professor Wilfried König started his academic career as an assistant of Professor Opitz at WZL in Aachen. In 1972 Professor König was appointed as a full Professor in Production Technology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH-Aachen.

In 1980 he became the head of the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology in Aachen. Wilfried König’s life was dedicated to manifold scientific work in production technologies. This included metal cutting of ferrous and non ferrous materials, high resistant turbine material and the development of new tool designs.

In the 70tes research on high speed and high performance grinding became a major research field and in the 80tes research on rapid prototyping technologies was integrated into the research portfolio. Because of his profound knowledge in production engineering Professor König took many seats on high level experts groups, as well in science as in industry.

Thousands of students appreciated his lectures on production engineering. Professor König supervised about 250 Doktor Ingenieure.