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Mr. George Lorenz

Born in Hungary - August 2002 - Australia

Affiliation to CIRP

1962 Active Member
1982 to 1983 President


Many contributions to STC-C


Coming from Hungary, he moved to Switzerland and in the 1930’s he studied under the well known engineer/researcher, Professor E Bickel of ETH at Zurich. He moved to Australia in 1951 and took on manufacturing activities with various companies in Melbourne and Sydney. In the 1950’s he joined Australia’s research organisation the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

He was appointed leader of a newly formed Production Engineering Section and in the early 1960’s. A restructuring of CSIRO in the 1970’s saw him move the Production Engineering Section to Fitzroy in Melbourne. This group formed the nucleus of a new CSIRO Division; the Division of Manufacturing Technology, which formed in 1980.

In 1985 he became the Division’s liaison officer in Sydney. George published many papers on metal cutting, concentrating particularly on aspects of tool life. He applied sophisticated statistical techniques to establish relationships and interaction of materials cutting fluids and tool geometry.