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2012 - David Whitehouse - UK

Professor David Whitehouse

Professor David Whitehouse is a world authority on surface and nanometrology - theoretically and practically. He has a B.Sc. in Physics, a Ph. D. in Surface Tribology and a D.Sc. in Metrology. He has published over 250 papers on surface and nanometrology, has 23 patents and has written six books including the definitive ‘Handbook of Surface Metrology’ and ‘Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology’.  Over 50% of all these publications having been written by himself alone.  

In 1979 he started the first ‘Centre for Micro and Nano Engineering.’ And in 1990 he initiated the world’s first Journal of Nanotechnology published by the Institute of Physics. He is also a joint Founder in 2002 of the Chinese Journal of Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering. The first 20 years of his career were spent in industry including 10 years as Chief Research Engineer at Taylor Hobson Ltd. UK. After this he spent 23 years as Full Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Warwick UK, for the last 5 of which he was Chief Scientist in the School of Engineering.
Currently, he is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Warwick UK, Consultant Professor at the University of Harbin, PR China, Visiting Professor at Tianjin PR China and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Precision Technologies University of Huddersfield UK .
He has lectured in 37 countries and has received many honours and prizes including the Joseph Whitworth Prize (I. Mech. E.), The James Clayton Prize (I. Mech. E.), the Commemorative Medallion for Advanced Technology; Mendeleev Institute of Metrology Leningrad, USSR (twice), a SERC Senior Fellowship, The Callendar Prize ‘For Outstanding Contribution to Metrology’, a Lifetime Achievement Award for World Class Metrology: ‘Champion of Metrology’ from the National Physical Laboratory, and in a recent award for a long and distinguished career, the American Society of Precision Engineers described Professor Whitehouse as the ‘Father of digital  metrology’.   He is a recipient of the General Pierre Nicolau Award from CIRP in 2012.

Professor Whitehouse is a charter member of the American Society for Precision Engineering, a Fellow of the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP), and a past President of the Committee for Surface Roughness. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Physics, the Institute of Measurement and Control, the Institution of Production Engineers, and the Institution of Electrical Engineering and Technology. He is an Honorary Member of The Japanese Institution of Precision Engineers, a Senior Member of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow of ‘The International Society of Nanomanufacturing’.  He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
He has been a consultant to Rolls Royce, Taylor Hobson in the UK, Kodak, Unilever, General Motors, Caterpillar, Bardon Corporation in the USA, Toshiba in Japan and UBM in Germany, the Ministry of Technology Singapore and the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment Aldermaston in the UK.

He is married to Ruth, an organist and retired teacher and they have just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  They have two children Anne, a material scientist and Steven a computer scientist.  Professor Whitehouse has, apart from his research into surfaces, a great interest in classical music and physical training.