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CWG - Collaborative Working Groups

STCs organize Collaborative Working-Groups on the basis of common interests in a particular subject.

The current Collaborative Working-Groups are:

Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing (STCs A, C, F, M, P)

Duration: Aug. 2015 - Feb. 2018
Chairman: Prof. Jürgen Fleischer
Vice Chairman: Prof. Roberto Teti
Secretary: Dr. Alessandra Caggiano and Prof. Hans-Christian Möhring

Bio Inspired Manufacturing Processes and Systems (STC E)

Duration: Aug. 2015 - Feb. 2018
Chairman: Prof. Ajay Malshe

Self-Optimizing Machining Systems (STCs C, M, P)

Duration: Aug.2016 - Feb. 2019
Chairman: Prof. Hans-Christian Möhring
Vice Chairman: Prof. Kaan Erkorkmaz
Secretary: Prof. Petra Wiederkehr

Past Collaborative Working-Groups with Minutes online: Click here

CIRP Members: to get access to the Agendas and Minutes, you must log in

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